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Declining Entertainment Ratings are Positive Signs of American Growth

What is there to be confused about the declining interest in professional sports, Hollywood and the entertainment industry?  It’s very obvious:  you’ve alienated your audience.

I used to sit down in the early fall with my calendar and mark off all of the NFL games I cared about, every Sunday, Monday, Thursday and holiday game for the next five or six months, and my calendar was set around them.  Seriously.  And there were a lot of teams I loved to follow, so it was two or three days a week appointments for me that everything else had to flex around.  (I actually left church early to make the noon games.)

I want to thank the entertainment industry, (because sports is really just another form of entertainment), for commandeering the social and media chatter for your liberal views.  It forced me to do what I should have done a long time ago:  reevaluate my priorities.  When I was just being entertained, it didn’t seem to matter as much.  The average American looks forward to pleasant distractions from the tedious mundane of work, responsibilities and various crises.  I could unplug from whatever daily or weekly stresses around me, settle down with some friends and family, and watch some action packed football, or a movie, or listen to some music.

But when my entertainment began screaming and preaching at me with views and ideologies that countered my own, I was less entertained and more taken aback.  I happen to love my country, while still hating its sins.  I happen to love my God, while recognizing His human followers misrepresent Him at alarming rates.  I love my Constitutional rights and don’t really want to abrogate them.  I think being born in America gives me certain rights and privileges because its foundation established and guaranteed that.  Men and women sacrificed comfort, health, money, careers and dreams; they bled and died to give me that.  Those are kind of big deals to me.

I want to live out my convictions with freedom, insofar as they don’t infringe on yours.  It is of utmost importance to me that my life reflects the tenets of my faith, that I live in such a way to bring honor to my God, that I can receive the reward of a child who has pleased her parent.  This is what governs my life, or is what I try to govern my life.

And you came in with all your unrealistic, well, BS, and lauded it over your platforms.  You disgraced the working Americans that pay your salaries because they buy your entertainment.  You acted like you knew everything, and anyone who had different opinions or convictions than you were worthless, somehow beneath you…dare I say “deplorable”?  A high school graduated NBA player had the audacity to call those who differ with him “uneducated”1.  (And he did it with such poor grammar!  How did he keep a straight face??  “…they “say things that’s uneducated”…(sic)  That would be that ARE uneducated, LeBron.  And the “people of Ohio wasn’t educated”…(sic again)  That would be WEREN’T educated.)

And the media just keeps pandering this crap!  It’s like they think the more they say their propaganda, the more we’re going to be inclined to believe it.  Seriously, we generally don’t care what thugs think.  Usually when thugs open their mouths, it reinforces our beliefs.  Consider Michael Bennett’s crying wolf, I mean racism2.  He was caught lying.  There’s no honor in that. We don’t rush out to buy your jersey because you’re an imagined “victim” of a fabricated “crime”.  In fact, we’re inclined to burn it.  But the NFL awards it.3

You’ve used your platforms to further your insane, narcissistic agenda, and we just don’t want to watch anymore.  We don’t believe you.  We don’t agree with you.  We don’t even really care.  You’ve demonstrated everything we disagree with.

So your Emmys and your Grammys and your various “awards” (basically patting each other on the back), and your games, well, they’re less important to us now.  Sure, I’ll watch a movie; I still like to be entertained.  But I’ll wait until it’s on Netflix, or Amazon, or at the Redbox.  I don’t need to line your pockets with the very thing that has inflated your ego and warped your thinking.  And I’ll watch the games I want to watch, because I still like a good game.  But I won’t buy your merchandise, or tickets to your stadiums, or anything else that reinforces your sacrilege of the convictions that guide my life.

But really, I’m grateful.  It shook me out of my complacency, dare I say even some apathy.  It caused me to ask myself how far I was going to absorb before I pushed back.  It caused me to consider why I spend time and money on some things.  It caused me to evaluate my convictions and if my life was accurately reflecting them.  And I found I needed to change.  I could use some improvement.

This country wasn’t built on people who absorbed the rantings of madmen because it was more comfortable and less costly not to address the fallacies.  It was built on men and women who labored in town halls, in churches, in neighbor’s fields and homes, hammering out what a free nation would look like.  These men and women worked in the fields, in the mercantile, and on the streets, and then worked some more when they were done.  They forewent entertainment and luxuries, sleep and proper healthcare because the task before them was bigger than their personal matters.  They took up arms when they had to, but preferred to take up pens and pulpits and lecterns and streets.

So the time freed up for me to do more honorable and noble things is invaluable.  It matters.  I found that my entertainment had become an idol.  And the only thing an idol is good for is tearing down.  It keeps one from the true God.  So really, your belligerent insistence on forcing your woefully shortsighted ideas upon me actually woke me up.

And I would encourage all men and women everywhere, to consider the newfound freedom one can gain by turning off the voices of insanity, through the entertainment industry, the political machine, and especially a rogue media.  Do an honest evaluation of your convictions and see if you’re living them.  Make corrections where necessary.  Make amends where appropriate.  Look for healthier venues for your time, your money, your resources.  Look for venues that reinforce your beliefs.  Shop a small business instead of a chain.  Support your local college sports instead of professional.  Look for and find the voices you can align with, then align with them.  Let those sources be the voices you listen to.  Shut off the others.

A pretty simple yet brilliant idea to crowdfund the wall was reported here  Imagine the fundraisers we could do to help with this.  Imagine getting politics out of the way, and the American people actually providing for and building our own border defense!  There’s so much to do and be done, that there’s really no reason to waste our time on frivolous temper tantrums of a spoiled bunch of overpaid entertainment personalities.

Let the irrational somehow get the clue that there is a majority of American citizens with actual American interests at heart.  We’re not ashamed of our heritage, but we’d like to fix some problems.  We’re not ashamed of our God.  We’re not ashamed of our President.  We’re not apologizing for who we are, but we are quick to apologize for wrong actions we have done.  May the entertainment industry continue to decline in its self-aggrandizing ceremonies, and may the noble citizens of America be self-effacing yet still diligent in preserving the integrity of the nation we love.


Rumors have it the storm is upon us…

Almost ten years ago, I found myself standing in an obscure place. A series of adventures had led me to Osawatomie, Kansas. I had traveled through the tiny farming community, up through a park and landed at a museum which was really the cabin John Brown lived in with his (half) sister and her family. It was the sight of the famous burning and attacks.

I stood in what would have been the main room of the small cabin, looking at relics on the wall and around me, when I heard the voice of the Lord. There were no other visitors just yet, and there really wasn’t much to look at. It was the cabin John Brown lived in when he got the message that Missourians were trying to rig the elections and make Kansas a slave state. He packed up his guns and his sons and moved to where he felt he could make the most difference in a nation he was convicted should abolish slavery. Nothing else mattered to John Brown than to remove the scourge of slavery from the land.

Like most holy moments, we don’t know that’s what they’re going to be until they’re there. A silent reverence filled the room as I stood in front of the mantle. When the Lord spoke, I quickly turned around and scanned the room, so clear was His voice: “Where are my John Browns today?” In that moment I felt the heart of the Lord for John Brown, and it felt like an officer’s fierce respect and trust in his lead soldier.

I had to reevaluate my opinion of John Brown at the time. My opinion had been mixed. This led me to a study of John Brown, and a pursuit of the heart of God. Whatever John Brown was or wasn’t, he had the love and admiration of my God. This began an ongoing conversation with the Lord, one that changed my theology in part. I questioned the Lord about the eleven Missourians pretty much murdered in cold blood by John Brown and his men. He was silent. Some time later I was reading and as I read King Solomon’s words, “There’s a time to kill, and a time to heal” the Lord spoke, “Now do you understand John Brown?”

I have not made this up. This flew counter to my theology at the time. I had to lay myself before the Lord and admit His ways and thoughts superseded my own. I embarked on a journey to learn about this John Brown. My favorite book was David S. Reynolds’ John Brown Abolitionist. I handwrote a quote from it and penned it on the wall in my study from page 99: “In a time of immoral laws, patriotism looks like treason.”

Rumor has it that an Alliance to stop the treasonous works of the nefarious Deep State [aka: the New World Order (NWO), the Cabal, the Illuminati, the shadow government, the list goes on and on…] has all out launched an attack to bring them down. The attack is named “The Storm” and I bring your attention to October 5, when the White House had top military commanders on site and Donald Trump declared, “You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

Rumors prevail about a marine helicopter landing at Langley CIA headquarters mid-November, as well. It would seem the CIA is refusing to follow White House orders to stop operatives initiated by Obama, and may indeed be acting rogue. Of course none of this is reported mainstream, and confidential sources remain anonymous, so we’re left to guess.

President Trump declared January “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.” Mark my words, this was an act of war against the Deep State, whose key players engage in the horrific practice of abducting (and borrowing) children for their wicked acts. There are targets on people’s backs and we finally have an alliance of patriots ready to bring these people down.

Other rumors speak of thousands of sealed indictments; GPS monitoring anklets on people like Huma, Hillary, McCain, etc.; whispers that Soros has been detained (from Atlanta — remember the Atlanta airport shut down?) and is being interrogated at Camp David; military tribunals at Gitmo Bay for lead players, etc. Whether these rumors contain any truth or not, it seems there is an orchestrated team and plan for combating what those who are awake understand is the greatest enemy of our time: the shadow government.

Now more than ever is the time to rally the troops, muster your courage, shake out of slumber, and wipe the sleep out of your eyes. Ladies and gentlemen, it appears we have a delta force on the ground, seals in the water, green berets in the trenches, and rangers at the controls. It appears we have a valid resistance. It’s time to wake up the sleeping and resurrect the half-dead. It’s time to rally the true patriots around the resistance.

I am always just a little surprised when I get emails from people who actually read my articles and other NewsWithViews articles and still maintain their (blind) loyalty and (undue) praise for the current system. I can’t help but wonder where they’ve been for the last two decades? One man spent pages singing Clinton praises. I can’t do anything with that. As the saying goes, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

Pizzagate/Pedogate has not gone away; it just went underground for a bit. There are still relentless real journalists hammering its diabolical truths and paying for it personally, sometimes with their lives. It is one of the most heinous organized crimes of American history, and the public at large is ignorant and willfully ignorant of it. Former Navy Seal Craig Sawyer “reveals that over 3,000 pedophiles belonging to an elite pedophile/sex-trafficking ring have been arrested since Trump took office, amid a total blackout by the mainstream media.” You can read about that here [].

Trump and those unnamed of the Alliance have a plan and are working it to bring down the stranglehold of the NWO on America. It involves going after the criminal activities of Soros, Clintons, Podestas, Obama, Rothschilds, etc. in shrewd manner. They have attacked their criminal sex crimes through Hollywood and DC, are exposing their wicked child sex trafficking rings, and are making ever so wise alliances with foreign governments and players with a common goal. If you’re watching the mainstream media, you will never comprehend the real war that is going on. By and large the details remain under wraps while in the planning for 1) strategy and 2) protection, but we’re starting to see the unraveling in plain sight. We should be encouraged.

Those American patriots who understand true liberty and real righteousness will understand why this is a critical hour, though the battle will likely take years. Now is the time for the grassroots patriots to organize and implement strategic efforts at educating and awakening those half dead, asleep, or who have just checked out from all the decades of demise. It’s expedient we support the efforts of the Alliance, and participate in ways that further its progress.

Trump has been painted as an idiot by the media, Hollywood, and most of the DC useful idiots. He doesn’t show his hand while he’s making the deal, but just like the booming economy we’re experiencing, we feel the effects of his actions later. The controlled puppet media has been silent on the horrendous pedophilia crimes of the elite, the arrests and rings that are being caught, and the deaths of the honest journalists who have been exposing. That only means these things are a threat to the Establishment. It also means significant ground is being recovered.

One day, the curtain may be pulled back to expose the real villains, people who have been lauded as heroes and leaders, and an ignorant population may gasp in horror at the diabolical crimes carried out before us as we stroked the egos of the villains. But more than likely, it will be a small remnant of real patriots, much like the Founding Fathers, who will procure the liberty of all Americans and the safety of our nation from the tentacles of the wicked, while the ignorant sat on the sidelines and criticized their valiant deeds of courage.

When John Brown was hung because of Harper’s Ferry, the general public thought the “bad guy” had been brought down. His resolve was deemed too radical, too undiplomatic. But history proves he was one of a handful willing to lay down his life and reputation for what he knew to be right, and history has proved he was right in his convictions. We can argue for eternity whether his methods were “right” or not, but it is a moot point for the principle it drives.

The media in John Brown’s day painted a picture of him of lunacy and instability. Gratefully, if you know the God of the Bible, you can free yourself from the criticism of man in order to operate out of the conviction of the moral right. It matters not how the skeptics record your life; it matters how your Creator does.

As Job said, “I have heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you.” There reaches a point where we pass from what we’ve been told into what we encounter, and it changes everything. If you’re just now starting that process, don’t give up. Press in until you are so uncomfortable you either crack under the pressure and return to your comfort, or your illusions are shattered and you embrace the truth. The truth is so much better.




Conspiracies and the lack of responsibility from the public at large

According to the 1828 Webster Dictionary, a conspiracy is:

A combination of men for an evil purpose; an agreement between two or more persons, to commit some crime in concert; particularly, a combination to commit treason, or excite sedition or insurrection against the government of a state; a plot…

The CIA and their ilk have done a tremendous job of maligning the term “conspiracy” to give it a rather negative connotation to the American public. Today to speak of a conspiracy, images of uneducated misled persons in tinfoil hats are conjured in sophisticated minds properly conditioned by the rhetoric. In fact, this conditioning is so prevalent that there is a stigma to actually admitting one does not believe the mainstream narrative and, heaven forbid, one has actually sought truth apart from the narrative.

For example, in 1953 a special investigative committee was appointed by Congressman Carroll Reece of Tennessee to investigate tax-exempt foundations. An allegation of a conspiracy to subvert American education with counter-American principles through tax exempt foundations was made and a subsequent congressional investigation called for. Mr. Norman Dodd was appointed the Director of Research, and the findings were published in “The Dodd Report to the Reece Committee on Foundations”.

[This report can be obtained with some effort. It is a public report and an alleged public record. But I found some difficulty obtaining it from my limited resources. I finally obtained one that started at page four of the report. I’m sure FOIA applications can be made for it. It is copyrighted 1954 and published by the Long House Inc. of NY. It’s Library of Congress Catalog Card Number is 54-11186.]

When the report set out to define its search, it referred to some studies detailed in The Economics of the Public Interest. A damning summary is found on page six and I will quote it below:

These original studies of the “public interest” disclosed that during the four years, 1933-1936, a change took place which was so drastic as to constitute a “revolution”. They also indicated conclusively that the responsibility for the economic welfare of the American people had been transferred heavily to the Executive Branch of the Federal Government; that a corresponding change in education had taken place from an impetus outside of the local community, and that this “revolution” had occurred without violence and with the full consent of an overwhelming majority of the electorate.

Before I go on, let me break it down. There were allegations and concerns that tax exempt foundations were using their monies to change the educational system in America so to redefine America itself and to subvert it to another agenda not found in the Constitution. The six month research found these allegations to be TRUE and posted them in their 1954 Dodd Report. And then Congress did nothing with it, in a sense, endorsing the continuing subversion of American education and ultimately, America.

So what we have here is a conspiracy. There was a conspiracy to alter America fundamentally and the vehicle decided upon was the educational system. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a conspiracy. The research and findings conclusively agreed that this conspiracy had occurred and was occurring. Yet what mainstream America projects is that there is no conspiracy to subvert the foundations of America – that this is all conjecture and “conspiracy theory”. This is maddening to those of us who actually do the digging to understand the root issues and find the truth. We’re labeled “conspiracy theorists” and dismissed as irrelevant.

In fact, in 1976 (twenty years later), Mr. Dodd gave a speech in DC in which he retold a conversation he had with Rowan Gaither, the President of the Ford Foundation at the beginning of his investigation. Mr. Gaither told Mr. Dodd, “…we operate here under directives which emanate from the White House.” He then elaborated on what those directives were, “The substance of the directives under which we operate is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”

Now you tell me why the Executive Branch of the Federal Government was giving directives to foundations to alter life in America to merge with a communist society? On page seven of the Dodd Report additional findings of their investigation outline the following purposes:

  • Directing education in the United States toward an international viewpoint and discrediting the traditions to which it [formerly] had been dedicated.
  • Training individuals and servicing agencies to render advice to the Executive branch of the Federal Government.
  • Decreasing the dependency of education upon the resources of the local community and freeing it from many of the natural safeguards inherent in this American tradition.
  • Changing both school and college curricula to the point where they sometimes denied the principles underlying the American way of life.
  • Financing experiments designed to determine the most effective means by which education could be pressed into service of a political nature.

So right there you have black and white evidence of a system designed to subvert the traditions of America to such a point they will turn the very nature of “education” into a political vehicle to achieve their goals of transforming America into a communist-like nation.

The report goes on to attempt to research and answer the questions asked by Congress in H. Res. 217, which are outlined on page eight of the report. To answer those questions the committee studied “the development of American education since the turn of the century and of the trends in techniques of teaching of the development of curricula since that time.” (pg. 8, Dodd Report) The rest of their report outlines their findings and answers those questions.

In Dodd’s conclusion on page 15 he states, “It seems incredible that the trustees of typically American fortune-created foundations should have permitted them to be used to finance ideas and practices incompatible with the fundamental concepts of our Constitution. Yet there seems evidence that this may have occurred.”

To sum up the conspiracy of a body of persons conspiring to commit treasonous acts against the Constitution of America, and ultimately against America, Mr. Dodd, in his 1976 speech explained that during his research on this committee, his committee members were given access to the Minute Books of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to peruse for their research. Mr. Dodd sent a member of his staff to New York to go through the records. He brought back to Mr. Dodd dictaphone belts with minute notes of their Trustee meetings. In 1908 meetings they raised the question of how to alter life of an “entire people”. They discussed this for about a year and concluded that war was the quickest way to alter the way of life for a body of people. They then asked the question of how to involve the US in a war and came up with the answer of controlling “the diplomatic machinery of the United States.” When they brainstormed on how to do that, they surmised, “We must control the State Department.”

Is this not treason?? Was this not a conspiracy?

Continued reading of the minutes found that in 1914 the Trustees discussed the issue of Americans reverting back to their former way of life (and thinking) after war, and they did not want this outcome. So after discussion, they determined to keep that from happening they “must control education in the United States.” These people then formulated their plan for altering and controlling education in America.

They began with a plot to change the way American history was taught. They approached three key historians with their agenda and were rejected. The historians would not go along with it. So they formed their own group of historians by using the Guggenheim Foundation. [Now are you seeing how tax-exempt foundations were used to subvert America?] They used the Guggenheim Foundation to recruit new scholars in the field of teaching history and gave them fellowships to study in London under their directives. Within a decade or two, they had groomed the top national historians to do exactly what they plotted, and history in America’s educational system transitioned accordingly.

The Dodd Report goes on to demonstrate the transition to “Social Engineers” from the Social Sciences. It points out that the outcome of this program is to trade objectivity in science for “techniques of control”. It goes on to suggest “that our traditional concept of freedom as the function of natural and constitutional law has already been abandoned….” (pp. 12-13)

I’d love to continue on of the ills to America that followed, but that is not the purpose of this paper. The purpose is to outline that conspiracies abound in our nation and world, and they are more than theories. The purpose is to challenge the status quo and the rhetoric of a bought and paid for media that includes Hollywood personalities, large corporation heads, politicians and the like.

The evidence has been both hidden and exposed, but seems to be relatively dormant for lack of attention. In 1954 Senator William Jenner plainly depicted the idea of a “Deep State” when he said,

“Today the path of total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government – a bureaucratic elite.”
Was Mr. Jenner merely speaking of theories of conspiracies?

It’s not that a one world government is an agenda for a group of growing individuals; it’s that there is a conspiracy in the highest ranks of power and money to strip America of its sovereignty and place it under an international rule, ruled of course by an elite ruling class. And it’s not even a theory. They have proudly owned it. David Rockefeller wrote it in his Memoirs:

“Some even believe we are a part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.”
When Americans begin to understand the truth and actuality of this plot, so much of the staged events in our nation begin to make sense. They can be traced back over a hundred years, as Norman Dodd’s research evidenced. Consider New York Mayor John F. Hylan’s words in 1922:

“The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self created screen….At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both political parties.”

He clearly outlined Rockefellers at the helm, and the plot was understood even almost a hundred years ago. Are we not paying attention? And today we have the advantage of a wealth of resources at our fingertips to educate us in spite of a manipulated state-run educational system, and yet we seem reluctant or apathetic or complacent enough to sit and allow it. There are many who have dared to cross the agenda and have paid for it with their lives. Are their sacrifices for nothing??

Representative Larry P. MacDonald was bold in his assertions of this conspiracy. He was killed in a questionable plane accident four months after an indicting interview with Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden in 1983 on Crossfire. He said,

“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control. Do I mean a conspiracy? Yes, I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, incredibly evil in intent.”

Joseph Kennedy told the New York Times on July 26, 1936, “Fifty men have run America, and that’s a high figure.” Is this all just allegorical rhetoric? How can we be this deceived?

Well known researcher and “conspiracy theorist” Mae Brussell was quoted in The Realist, February 1974:

Our lives are being manipulated by specific individuals who can be identified and exposed. Conspiracy theories only remain “theories” when there is no court, no lawyer, no judge, no Congress, with the courage to expose the evidence. In every case where the evidence is pursued, the “theory” becomes a clear-cut case of criminal conspiracy.

It’s not that there isn’t enough evidence in a conspiracy; it’s that there isn’t enough interest or conviction in arresting wickedness.

We are quite plainly without excuse. The evidence is available for our scrutiny. Witnesses have come forth in every generation. Culprits have even admitted to the plot. There are enough dead bodies and sacrifices to warrant investigation. But the general public seems content to allow the propaganda machine through the media and celebrity America to dictate their convictions.

And don’t think that American Christianity is interested in exposing evil. The western church is one of the biggest culprits of irrelevance in modern society. Not only is it barely enacting its mandate to bring the gospel to all people, but also it has copiously managed to replicate the current trends of just about every aspect of the world, from fashion, to hierarchy, to politics, to bureaucracy, to business models, to music, to clichés, etc. Life changing truths are rarely found from a church pulpit anymore. You might be able to find one in a sincere study group, or a gathering of likeminded believers, but you’ll have to look long and hard. And to teach material that actually incorporates Ephesians 5:11-17 would find one hard-pressed for actual students. No one is really that interested.

Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them; for it is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret. But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light. For this reason it says, ” Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you.”

Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

Romanian pastor Richard Wurmbrand, imprisoned for sixteen years by the Soviet Communists for preaching the gospel, tortured with the scars to prove it, once told a reporter, “I have suffered more from the complacency of the West than from the Communists.”

No, do not expect the western church, (which should be a vessel for truth), to expose the unfruitful deeds of darkness that are altering the state of our nation. But what you can do is educate yourself. When you begin to see the patterns and playbooks of those intent on evil, you won’t fall for the theatrics they use to bring them about. But that’s another paper for another day…

Trial by Fire – rightly perceiving current crises

USA Today reported on October 3, 2017 a little of the cataclysmic unfolding across America in their article titled, “Storms, earthquakes, North Korea and now the Las Vegas massacre. We have to wonder: ‘What’s next?’” The article laid out the various traumas to sections of America over the past few months, and it begged the question for understanding. The article ended with a quote from a pastor (of all things) in Tulsa: “But with all that’s going on in the world,’’ he admits, “you can’t help but be a little bit apocalyptic.”

[You can read the article here:]

What an amazing time to be alive on the earth! Fires and floods, wars and violence, intrigues and conspiracies abound. There is no shortage of drama. What could we possibly be learning if we were paying attention? Should the drama of the fires, the hurricanes, the floods, the murders, the political climate, the race wars, the lies and injustices, etc. cause us to pause? Might they be a harbinger?

We should be paying attention! We should be asking for eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts that can comprehend. Years ago when I set myself to learn about the second coming of Christ, to understand the prophecies, to grasp the context of Revelation, the Lord spoke to me and He simply said, “Study my first advent to understand my second.”

The fires that have been raging for months, even unto today on the west coast, are symbolic of the fires of purification and judgment the Lord has unleashed. We’d do well to pay attention, to respond with, “Yes Lord, your servant is listening.” He’s speaking to us as a nation, and He’s speaking to us individually. Wisdom will listen.

Look at what He said to His people concerning the first appearance of our Lord, and pay attention, because it applies for the second as well:

Malachi 3:1-3 KJV

Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom you seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom you delight in: behold, he shall come, says the Lord of hosts.

But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appears? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap:

And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.

The prophet asks who could possibly stand at the appearing of the Messiah? Then he explains why that question needs to be asked: “for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fuller’s soap.”

Refiner’s fire is the fire that purifies the gold and silver. The metal is held in the flame until the dross is burned off and the metal is purified to the point the refiner can see his reflection in it. The fire is kept at a certain temperature, one that is hot enough to burn off impurities, but not too hot that it alters the metal. It’s a skill by the blacksmith. The prophet also equates this refining process to fullers’ soap, which is the process of making white cloth as white as it can be.

The appearing of the Lord is foreshadowed by a cleansing of His people. The Lord sends fire to test our hearts and purify our souls. This fire is meant to burn away the dross, the impurities. It’s usually a painful process. It has to be; the impurities are mixed in with the pure and they have to be separated.

This is an amazing process because the Lord is doing this right now, and He’s doing it nationally and personally. Individually we need to embrace the trials before us and allow the Lord to do His cleansing work. There are things in our lives we need to be rid of, and if we haven’t expelled them of our own repentance processes, out of love and necessity, God will take us through the fire to remove them. Notice the end result: the reflection of the refiner is then seen in the metal. We should not shirk back from this process. We need this process.

Nationally, the Lord is separating the godly from the ungodly. By the time these fires, whether it be through natural disasters (fires, floods, storms, etc) or cultural disasters (race wars, political wars, economic wars, etc), have run their courses, there will be a stark separation between those who walk with God and those who do not. America’s melting pot will produce two categories of people as these days ramp up: godly and ungodly. This is the separation of the sheep from the goats.   This is another necessary process. Why? Because the testimony of the godly will be the judgment of the ungodly. By God’s own law a judgment is established on the testimony of two or more witnesses. The ungodly will be without excuse because God is refining the godly to be a pure witness. The same word we translate “witness” is also “martyr”.

Consider just recent events as a precursor. Antifa and the likes have declared a revolution upon anyone in opposition to their own beliefs. Their self-professed tactics include “punching Nazis”. Who do they define as Nazis? Anyone who disagrees with them. They have armed themselves with knives, clubs and guns to beat their opposition, quite literally. This is precisely what Islam does in every region of the world they have enough numbers to substantiate. As soon as they establish a significant presence in an area, they begin the demarcation process. Black Lives Matter has set itself on a path of violence as well, and lines and allegiances have been called for. They have aligned themselves against the police, and their narrative is a call to do the same. Consider the ongoing battle between the NFL powers and patriots. How much vitriol has been spewed from the mouths of these actors? Can we not see a separation occurring? Delineating lines have been drawn in just about every public venue. Politically, it’s not really Democrats vs. Republicans anymore. It’s those adhere to the Constitution, and those who would like to redefine it. It is globalists versus national sovereignty. Hollywood has set itself against Trump and conservative America. Big Pharma has set itself against the natural holistic community. There are precious few gray areas anymore.

It should cause us to evaluate our beliefs and our convictions. We should be checking our attitudes against the principles of our faith.

What did John the Baptist teach us about the Lord’s coming?

Matt 3:11-12 NASU

As for me, I baptize you with water for repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I… He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. His winnowing fork is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clear His threshing floor; and He will gather His wheat into the barn, but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.

John predicts Christ’s modus operandi: fire. Christ separates. We really need to understand this. The winnowing fork separates the worthless part from the precious. The precious is preserved, and the worthless is burned. I suggest to you today that Christ has His winnowing fork in hand and He is separating the worthless from the worthy. When the separation is complete, His job is finished. He will return. We really should be paying attention to the separation process going on right now in our lives and in our nation.

We can’t afford to miss understanding the season we’re in. Evil and wickedness abound today in our nation, in our culture and society, and in this world. Righteousness abounds as well, but they are becoming starkly separated. This is purposeful. God is separating; we’d do well to cooperate. Don’t fret about the condition of the wickedness, though the days are getting darker. This will not change. The raging we’re witnessing in our nation with people groups frothing in violence and rebellion is indicative of a world rejecting God. Our eyes must not be fixed on these. Recall the angel’s words to Daniel in his final prophecy,

Dan 12:10 KJV

Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

There are two categories in this prophetic instruction: those being purified and the wicked. Those enraged and inflicting great damages on our nation, our society, and other people are quite simply wicked, with no understanding. If we are wise, we will realize we are being purified by these trials. We must submit to the purification process so that we reflect the image of our blacksmith, the One who baptizes with fire.

Are you being held in the flame? Then rejoice, and cooperate with the burning of the dross. Is fullers’ soap being rubbed across you so that you are practically raw? Then rejoice because you are being made white. Be of the category of the wise who embrace the purification of the Lord. There are plenty of wicked with no understanding of the process our nation is going through. We see them every day on the airwaves, newspapers, magazines, at our jobs, in our schools, on the internet… They will continue in their deeds without understanding. “The wicked shall [continue to] do wickedly.” We must understand our Lord is on His way, but before He gets here, He is refining us so that He is what He sees when He looks at us.

The trials we’re witnessing in our nation are the process of separating the godly from the ungodly. America is going through a demarcation, as is probably the whole world. The trials we’re experiencing in our individual lives are the refining process to ready us to meet our King. May we respond with wisdom and understanding.

What shall we liken this generation unto?

But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows,

And saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented.

For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, He hath a devil.

The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners. But wisdom is justified of her children.

Matt 11:16-19 KJV


It has been twenty-five years or so that I first started working with high school youth. I was barely an “adult” when I started, and now I’m marrying off my first born and have graduated my last born. I think my season of a high school youth leader is wrapping up. I have books to write and other mandates to fulfill, and I sense it’s the closing of this chapter.

I was on the phone earlier today with one of my first students I ministered to. I was her cabin counselor at a week long summer camp in 1992, in the heat of the Midwest in cabins along a lake. She attended a school with a graduating class of thirty in a small farming community about twenty minutes from my town, and thirty minutes from the school I ministered at. Somehow we maintained our relationship that morphed from student/mentor eventually into adult friendship. She’s lived and worked along the Gulf for almost a decade now, and we are still very good friends. She is my son’s godmother.

After twenty-five years of watching teenagers struggle with their identity, search for meaning and purpose, and roll with the inevitable tides of maturing, it is a bittersweet closing. Teens are quite possibly my favorite age group. They have the ability to communicate, but with the uncertainty of knowing their real thoughts and feelings. It’s a constant joy and occasional challenge to exchange ideas and introduce concepts.   I find them fresh and real and relevant, unassuming and still able to take in new or different ideas without being defensive. If they trust you. And that is the key. If they don’t trust you, they don’t listen; they don’t learn; they don’t receive.

And teens have lots of reasons to not trust. Not trust adults, not trust new ideas, not trust peers, not trust themselves…

In the past two and a half decades of working with emerging adults, I have a few observations:

America is a post-Christian culture now. It has been a swift descent into this arena of popular opinion, defiant selfishness, and general unbelief. Twenty-five years ago there was a consciousness in the youth of what God thinks, who God is, what He may want from humanity. That does not exist today in the status quo. The morality of the Bible is ridiculed and rejected. Christianity, by and large, is not respected, adhered to, or sought out.

American teens are tired of American school. They’re tired of the charades and hypocrisy. They are unstimulated, uninterested, and uninvolved in their own education. They find most of school irrelevant to life, and the politics of the school system suffocating. They are burned out on tests and testing, rules and agendas, a form of police state and prison mentality. Very few of them know what they want to do when they leave school or how they’re going to get there.

They cannot tell me where Syria is on a map, what’s going on in the Middle East, or the first Ten Amendments of the US Constitution. They don’t know and they don’t care. If they know, it’s incidental – not because they have an interest. They cannot articulate world events or local concerns. School is a place of survival for some, escape for others, and a necessary evil for others. Very few teens find school preparatory for their future.

Very, very, precious few teens today can think an original thought or critically. Deductive reasoning and common sense are all but absent. There is a herd mentality, but it’s unrecognized within because they think they’re thinking independently. Logical presentation of facts and data points are often lost, as basic deductive reasoning is almost nonexistent. A + B has ten different answers, and none of them are “wrong”.

If they happen to be of the minority that embraces education, they embrace it hook, line and sinker. Every theory that is presented to them they absorb as veritable fact. The system rewards those who don’t question it and punishes those who do, which weeds out the trouble makers in the process. Those who question do not receive the accolades or reward as those who don’t. Bright and subservient students are elevated to leadership roles and pushed up the ladder to the next level, so that by the time they arrive at their “higher education”, they are a virtual classroom of obedient minions, ready to further the cause of whatever field they’ve selected or been selected for.

Teens raised in the church most (or all) of their lives have a basic grid for morality, but question it frequently because of the social pressure to conform. A majority of them reject the Bible’s morality to conform with the status quo. A shocking majority of church-raised teens have limited Bible knowledge and understanding. Their foundations are shaky at best. They could not tell me who Abraham, Moses or David were. They had a sketchy understanding of Noah. (This is generally speaking.)

The greatest hindrance to believing teenagers’ faith walk is distraction. Their day is so full of activity and pleasure seeking that there is little to no time or energy left to pursue weightier matters of the spirit, or to develop a personal relationship with God. Technology has taught this generation instant gratification on a level prior generations knew nothing of. Waiting on God is laborious for those who can instantly stream the latest movie. Straining to hear His still small voice is too much work for those who communicate via InstaGram and SnapChat. They quite simply don’t have a grid for how to listen, wait, watch, or learn. They struggle to see the relevance in reading an ancient manuscript because they’ve not been taught the value in seeking knowledge.

And they are dying. Dying to be heard. Dying to be understood. They spend eight or more hours a day being told what to do, what to think, what to believe. Their social interactions are a competitive field of jockeying for acceptance and position. Their home lives are often chaotically out of control or controlling to the point of suffocation. Very few people have taken the time to hear their hearts, help them with their thoughts, substantiate their worth, quell their fears, or explore their talents. They don’t know who they are or what to do. Our most powerful meetings are small groups, when they have to soul search and share their hearts. They need help articulating their thoughts and sorting through their emotions. They are consistently confused or discouraged or both.

They care about a lot of things and they want to care, but they’re woefully misinformed by society. An hour or even a two hour youth meeting once a week is not enough to change the tidal wave that covers them almost every other waking hour of every day.

Over the last 25 years, unequivocally the most profound moments I’ve witnessed youth having are a couple things:

When they unplug from society for more than 48 hours, they are able to witness God first hand. They can sense Him; they can feel Him; they can hear Him. They encounter Him when they unplug. I honestly know of no exceptions. Every single teen I’ve ministered to over the last two and half decades, when they remove themselves from social media, phones, computers, TVS, and daily routine and have an atmosphere of nature and the Word of God, encounter God. Unbelief is silenced in that atmosphere. Doubts are stilled. The world fades and God becomes real.

And they know it. They want to get back to it. It becomes an altar in their memory of the time or the place they encountered God.

We have to teach this. We have to demonstrate this. We have to give opportunities for this.

The other profound moments are when they get a glimpse of their worth. When they finally grasp the enormity of their deliberate place in life, when they feel like someone has heard them, understood them, and loved them anyway, they are changed. The very act of listening to them without judging them begins to dismantle the hardness of all the years of striving. They need to explore ideas in a way that helps them learn about themselves, rather than dictates to them.

If you’re on the outside (i.e. they are not your teen), you can help them by asking them what they think about things. Give them time to think about it before they answer, and then acknowledge and validate their answer. If their thinking is off (and it often is), ask gentle questions that will help them see things differently without criticizing where they are right now. Help them articulate their feelings by giving them permission to feel authentically, and not how they think they’re supposed to feel. Don’t tell them what to think and don’t invalidate their feelings. Ever. Don’t do it. Don’t give them answers to questions they aren’t asking, and don’t give them answers to the questions you may have asked. Let them formulate their own answers and only give your opinion when they seek it. They need to be heard by adults more than hear them, at least for awhile. Help them find their voice, and as they learn how to articulate, their thinking will clear up along the way. After awhile (varies by teen and their life circumstances), they will begin to trust you. When they begin to trust you, they will want to know your thoughts, and that is when you can make the most impact in their life. Don’t rush this process.

If you’re on the inside, if the teen is your own, evaluate their trust in you. If it is low or nonexistent, follow the advice in the above paragraph, but with hypersensitivity. Accompany this process with humility and acknowledge any failure or mistakes of your own as they come up. Genuinely seek forgiveness. Seek to understand more than to be understood. Listen to their thoughts without criticism, validate their feelings, and let them be who they need to be. You do not have to agree with them to love them. You do not need to make a stand on every issue you think they’re off on. If you can prove yourself trustworthy, if you can demonstrate you care about their feelings more than being “right”, if you can listen more than talk, you have a chance at building their trust. They will test you. They will say outlandish things that may not even be what they really think or feel, just to see if they can trust you to not overreact or come down hard on them. Let them sort out their thoughts and feelings without prejudice on your part. Believe in them. If you are consistent and patient, they will begin to value their exchanges with you, and you will gain opportunities to speak into their lives.

If you can get to this point, you are at a great place. You will find they may change your life more than you change theirs. You may find your ways of thinking change as well.   You may find they challenge you in ways to make you more real, and you may be the better person for it. You may find God in new and different ways you have not known Him before.

Generally speaking, this generation does not trust anyone. They have been betrayed by their peers, their parents, their authority figures, even themselves. If you can teach them how to trust God, the years and years of deception will begin to unravel. That formerly angry or rebellious or indifferent teenager may very well become the truth seeking radical that does not settle for the status quo any longer. They may be the confident adult that questions the trite answers of a corrupt system and causes the ripples of change this world desperately needs.

Trump, Globalism & National Sovereignty…

Surely we are living in the immediate days before Christ’s return.  The signs are everywhere, and just as Christ and the prophets foretold, the mass of the people are ignorant of it.   The subject in this paper is globalism vs. national sovereignty, and the ongoing battle for control of the United States of America.

America seems about as divided as it could be, perhaps equaling the days leading up to and involving the Civil War.  The battle lines are not as clear, and the battle ground is muddy from propaganda, lies and half-truths.  I’m going to tell it like I see it and it will be difficult for some people to receive and/or even understand.  Regardless, this is my current viewpoint and understanding of what we’re facing, as 2017 kicks off with Trump at the helm and a fury of antagonists raging across our land.

Simply put, there are people who want to control the world as they see fit.  Money and power go hand in hand.  Money buys and corrupts power, and power takes money.  It’s an epic game of rock, paper, scissors, with two of the powers trying to eliminate the third.  If the third can be eliminated, really only one will remain.  For the sake of this allegory we’ll call it money, power and freedom.  If money and power can eliminate freedom, the battle is over because the money and power merge and there’s nothing left to overcome.  If freedom can manage the money and/or power, freedom will keep things better balanced, or at least keep money and/or power at bay.

Today, January 25, 2017 in America, we have a five-day old President who at his inauguration declared war on the establishment of political power in Washington D.C.  He said, and I quote,

“…today we are not merely transferring power from one Administration to another, or from one party to another – but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the American People.”

Why, oh why, did a huge percentage of Americans NOT rejoice at those words??  This is the closest thing to the American spirit that I have heard in my lifetime, and in my studies of history, I can’t recall a time so epic.  (And there are some epic times in America’s history!)

This President has basically waged war on the establishment.  To understand the ramifications of this, you have to have some understanding of what the “establishment” is.  The establishment is not the Democratic Party and it’s not the Republican Party.  It’s a small group of people who may identify with one of those parties or the other, but their agenda is the same.  Their agenda is to own the wealth of the world and control its population.  And they have a massive game plan to accomplish this.  They don’t care which political party is in the White House.  It’s irrelevant to them.  They use their wealth and their power to control, intimidate, bribe, blackmail, or kill to meet their objectives.  From my own studies, there hasn’t been an American President since Woodrow Wilson that was not controlled and/or run by them.

IF Trump cannot be controlled by them, America is in the best place it has been since the early 1900s.  Their tentacles are far-reaching and they have agents in almost every possible sphere they can (CIA, FBI, NASA, military, House, Senate, DHS, etc.)  Some of Trump’s appointments seem weak (comparatively) or controversial, but at a nominal glance I’m encouraged because they seem to be outside the establishment circle.

In a perfect world, globalism would make sense:  “the belief or advocacy that political policies should take worldwide issues into account before focusing on national or state concerns”.  [Encarta]  If all nations and all areas of the world had the same objectives of honoring life, personal liberty, and the overall well-being of humanity, this would be somewhat simpler to do.  However, this is not the case.  Realistically, personal responsibility MUST take place before a corporate vision can be successful.

Our family decided to adopt a child out of the state system.  We brought the child into our home.  The child refused to follow our rules.  The child was violent and destructive, deceptive and two-faced.  The child began very damaging behaviors to our children already in the home.  It was with excruciating emotional angst that we had to discuss the possibility that maybe we should NOT take this child in.  We wanted to give the child a home.  Our family was willing to love and support this child, but this child was unwilling to alter behavior or thoughts to be healthy in our home.  We made the extremely difficult and painful choice to NOT adopt this child after all.  The health of our family was at stake.  The lives of other children would be so altered (was already happening) as to change their course.  We simply could not do it.  Globalism would have done it.  That’s the difference between globalism and national sovereignty.

Had we gone ahead with the adoption, the dynamics of our family would have changed drastically and dramatically in the coming months and years, altered actually for the rest of our time on earth.  Abuse was a part of this scenario, and abuse carries afflicters and victims with their varying circumstances.  Our family identity would not be the same.  Ever.  As the head of our home, we had to decide to take care of the needs in our family first, and not damn the needs of our family for the sake of the destruction that would come simply from embracing things counter to our convictions.

Nations are nations because of cultural needs and identities.  A people group that associate with one another form a nation, set up a boundary and governing laws, and then protect those boundaries in an effort to protect its citizens.  That’s healthy.  Boundaries are enforced and protected from those with harmful or destructive intentions.  That’s healthy.  The needs of my family may not be the same as the needs for yours.  Am I supposed to alter my family’s needs to accommodate yours?  I happen to follow the God of ancient Israel, the Creator of earth.  If you follow the gods of Egypt, should I have to embrace your gods in my family?  It would change the construction and fabric of our identity.  Liberty tells me I should be able to worship my God and not have to worship yours.  Globalism tells me I have to incorporate your beliefs into my own.  And whoever is in power can then tell everyone what beliefs are to be adhered to.

Now if I decide I don’t like my current beliefs but like yours, then I can change my mind and I might want to move to become your close family friend to appease my new beliefs.  That’s called changing citizenship.  With personal autonomy and national sovereignty, we can do that.  We have that choice.  I just move to the country, state or neighborhood that aligns better with my new convictions.  With globalism, that change is unnecessary and not possible because we’re put under one umbrella and must placate and acquiesce to whatever the standing rule is.  There’s no protection for personal liberty in globalism.  There’s no room for personal growth.  The rule of thumb becomes what’s best for the community, and what’s best for the community is dictated by the ones with the power (which usually equates to those with the money).

America was the great experiment in personal liberty.  And that experiment has afforded generations of Americans to exercise their rights in ways other parts of the world had never had the opportunity to do.  It grew a nation of inventors and creators and scientists and authors (and the list goes on and on), and a nation that quickly rose to the top of affordable living, affluence, accessibility to needs and wants, and was dubbed the “land of opportunity” because it was founded on personal liberty.  [And yes, many of those liberties were fought for, i.e. race and gender issues, etc., and yes there is much blight on our record, but our record still stands above every other nation of the world.]

Freedom is the enemy of absolute power.  Period.  And there is a growing group of people who want absolute power.  They have diligently passed this baton on down several generations in the ultimate desire to have ultimate control for personal gain, at the expense of those they are attempting to control or govern.

As a Christian this is so easily identified in God.  God is the ultimate power.  He created all things and has power over all things.  Yet He has given His creation freedom and chooses to not intervene with His power just to be “in control”.  We are not His puppets.  We are not killed or waylaid if we do not act in accordance with His character.  My belief or unbelief in Him does not change His purposes or His plans.  As Christ said, “He sends the rain on the just and the unjust.”

The spirit behind those who would want ultimate power and control is completely contradictory to God, who has ultimate power and control yet chooses to yield it in favor of personal liberty.  (This is why Christianity is so offensive to Islam.  We do not require your beliefs and we do not demand your allegiance.  We give you the information we have and let you choose.)  The spirit of globalism is the antithesis of freedom.  It destroys individuality and creativity.  Its agenda is power and control over people, but it masquerades as a “community” idea.

Globalism is the spirit of Babylon.  This is Genesis 11 and Revelation 17-18.  It is a people who do not want the rule of God.  They want to call the shots, and they don’t want anyone to tell them their shots are in conflict with God.  So they silence, contain, and/or eliminate the opposition.  The American spirit and the Constitution of the U.S. give its citizens the freedom to believe as they believe and do as they are convicted, as long as their beliefs and convictions don’t harm another.  The globalist spirit will dictate beliefs by dictating laws aimed at behaviors, and this works well if you’re of the same convictions as the globalists’ laws.  If not, you have no liberty to do or believe differently.

Trump’s first actions were to secure national sovereignty.  He removed the U.S. from TPP, which gives America sovereignty back in its trade policies, and not under the rule of a non-American entity.  He is renegotiating (with the threat of removing America altogether) NAFTA to restore America’s sovereignty to dictate its own trade arrangements.  He instated a temporary ban on Middle East refugees in order to vet the immigration process more diligently for the security of America.  These are areas the prior POTUS and the establishment set out to strip America of its power and wealth.  If America can be stripped of its power and wealth (remember the rock, paper, scissors analogy?), it can be stripped of its ability to ensure freedom and can be removed as a hindrance to the globalist agenda to rule the world.

Unfortunately, the screaming tantrum voices of an ignorant population of Americans are insistent on making this election about personal pet issues.  Obamacare was designed to ultimately fail, but not until it had stripped Americans of their wealth and the federal budget of its wealth.  Trump wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with healthcare that is not contingent solely on the federal government.  He wants to enable states to meet the need of its citizens’ healthcare.  We’ve mastered the art of being offended in America this past decade.  We’re so busy being offended we’re unable to see what’s really going on.  Obamacare was never about providing healthcare to American citizens.  It was about removing autonomy from doctors, removing wealth from citizens and private sectors, and dictating mandates while stripping its citizens of their voice.

The media is owned and run by the establishment.  They direct our attention where they want it to be and deliberately misinform areas they can’t completely hide or control.  There is a deliberate effort to divide Americans, and depicting scenarios that trigger emotional responses to people’s pet issues (that have really just become idols) seems the easiest way to fool the people.  People jump on these bandwagons with personal offenses and neglect to see they’ve played right into the establishment’s hands, like puppets on a string.

As Christians, we need to seize this opportunity before us as the Israelites did when Cyrus proclaimed Jerusalem was to rebuild the house of the Lord.  The Scripture plainly says “the Lord stirred up the spirit of Cyrus” and the people were called to respond.  Not everyone responded, just those who understood the significance of the moment.  While the details are different, the essence is the same.  God has moved to stay the hand of the globalist agenda in America; we must respond.  The spirit of globalism will prevail until our Lord’s return, but He plainly says He will bring this spirit down.  (Revelation 18)  We do not need to declare America a “Christian nation”.  That is unnecessary and will stir up the opposition faster than anything.  We simply need to BE a nation of Christians.  We need to live according to the mandates of our faith.  We are to be the city on a hill, the light of the world, the salt of the earth.  Then those who are lost will go to the hill, those who are blind will go to the light, and those who are tired of the drudgery of the world will go get salt.

The Scriptures are pretty clear about how this is going to go down.  We’re going to be co-laboring for Christ at the same time the world is partnering with darkness.  It’s all going to be going on at the same time when He returns.  (Matthew 24:36-51) Christians are ambassadors of Christ.  (Ephesians 6:20)  We represent Him, His interests, and His Kingdom in the nation we’re a foreigner to.  We don’t really have the same customs as the world we’re posited in, but we exist there anyway until Christ brings our Kingdom.  God ordained the nations and gave them their boundaries (Deut 32:8, Acts 17:26), and America is ours.  We are to “occupy until He [Jesus] comes” (Luke 19:13) – and “occupy” there means “to busy oneself with, i.e. to trade” (Strong’s).  So we’re to be busy with our trades, our gifts and abilities, being light and salt, declaring the Kingdom of God as we know it, and representing Christ here in America.

Time is short.  Let’s be about our King’s business.






illegal activities of the POTUS

The list is getting so long…  But November 20, 2014 marks an unprecedented move with severe consequences, both presently and in the future.  No one has said it quite as well as Matt Walsh.  Please take the time to look at it here:

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