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I like to think just saying “I love God” is enough, but I’ve been told it’s not. I long ago decided my epithet would read, “Loved by God; hated by man.”

I’m happily married going on twenty years now. I have four amazing children and have walked with God for thirty years and counting. I care little for titles. I love nature, family and friends. I prefer a book over a movie; a small, intimate group to a large crowd; discussing ideas instead of pop culture; debating current events instead of opinions. I’m more comfortable with teenagers than toddlers; I fear the upcoming generation is more ignorant than its predecessors; and the current population more apathetic than prior ones. The America I grew up in is not the America my children know, mostly for the worse. I believe in revolutionary ideas and actions under the obedience of the untamed God of the Bible.

I love to study God’s Word alongside His creation. I long to walk with God more closely and see Him more clearly. I’ve been told to share some messages and found this as a way to do that. Email me with specific questions if you want to know more.

10 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. You quote God as saying:
    “My purpose will be established,
    And I will accomplish all My good pleasure”

    Does this mean that you believe in universal salvation?
    (I Timothy 2:4)

  2. I’m just starting to get acquainted with you and I find you interesting, particularly since you claim “I love to study God’s Word…”

    Have you ever read in the Scriptures that wives have authority over their husbands and are to rule in “domestic matters”?

    Ever hear of “universal salvation”?

  3. Hi … I just read your article “Astrological events …” and I totally relate to your “About the Author” … My question and request is “Will you please explain your thoughts on the 490 years prophesized by Daniel?”

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